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RMS Power Rating at bei 14.4V, < 1% THD
4x 95W (4Ω)
4x 155W (2Ω)
2x 310W (4Ω bridged)
Power Class-A/B Amplifiers
340 x 56 x 232 mm
Multimode crossover Configuration HP/LP/BP/FLAT
56 selectable frequencies (22-8500 Hz / AQXM2 modules)
12/24 dB Dual filter technology
Microprocessor controlled system management
Input sensitivity 0.2 - 5 Volt
Intellispeed Air Cooling System
PC Software „MySTEGmanager“
Noise killercircuit G.R.I.P.S.
Stable up to 11 Volt input
STEG K2.04 800W Class-A/B 2 Channel Amplifier
Extraordinary electronic, designed to meet the most demanding audiophiles and drive systems SPL competition.
Innovative amplifiers, capable of very high currents, insensitive to the lower load impedances, up to 2ohm bridged mono. Elegant and sophisticated design, all aluminum chassis with integrated tunnels that the active cooling system. Built with quality materials, selected to enhance the most sophisticated installations and ensure the highest level of reliability. Extremely versatile, incorporating a wide range of functions associated with each other and able to configure complex audio systems, without the aid of external devices. Stabilized from 11 Volt, Watt many well-sounding, always. Support SERIALPOWER configuration: the stereo models are connected with each other to add the power of two units as it were a single amplifier. Incorporate a microprocessor that manages the complex system of protection and that, through the STEGLINK door, can communicate with the PC.
Kcompetition is the new way to amplify STEG, destined once again to move forward any reference.
The amplifier features filter devices that can limit the output frequency band. The various settings allow you to optimize the signal in order to drive different speaker models.
AQXM2 frequency modules
We engineered ' AQXM2'' to minimize filter errors of the frequent potentiometers used by various manufacturers of other brands, thus achieving a tolerance on filter accuracy of 1% against 10% of our competitors.
Steg Multiway Modular System (SMMS)
Is a configuration tool that supports the numerous functions and the settings provided by the amplifier. By using it on its own or together with other components, it is possible to build complex multi-amplified systems without the need for external devices and crossovers.
The use of the optional SERIALPOWER devices, together with a special output configuration, lets you combine the power of the stereo amplifiers to drive a single loudspeaker with excellent power handling.
Digital Protection Manager (DPM)
Is the digital protection control system. The microprocessor monitors the amplifier's operational status in real time; if necessary, it switches to “MUTING” status or powers off. Each operation is relayed by indicator lights and recorded.
This is the digital language used by the integrated microprocessor. It allows the amplifier to dialog with the Personal Computer via a STEGLINK connection.
This is the software created by STEG to handle the amplifier's digital functions. The PC lets you perform an operational check on the circuit, read operational data stored by the microprocessor, enter the user's personal data, or contact the manufacturer
G.R.I.P.S. Noise suppressor
Kcompetition amplifiers are fitted with GR.I.P.S. circuit system that suppresses any electrical and electromagnetic interference generated by the vehicle. GR.I.P.S. prevents it from entering the audio system, thereby guaranteeing an audio reproduction that is free from buzzing and cutting down the installation time
High Efficiency Cooling (HEC)
HEC is the high efficiency cooling system that is an integrated feature of STEG amplifiers. It combines the top features of various technologies with regard to heat transfer, such as INTELLISPEED: the dynamic control of the cooling fans. In fact, the microprocessor doses the flow of cold air according to what is needed.
Remote control (Optional)
It is possible to connect STEG remote tuning devices to the amplifier's connector. These devices offer an effective means of modifying key listening parameters.

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