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STEG Masterstroke MSK 130.4 High End Amplifier. The Masterstroke amplifiers reveal the synthesis of decades of audiophile research. With passion and care, GTTrading realized that the valuable collaborations with leading representatives of Italian loyalty have taken place and Steg has yet to be signed when the target line amplification is available for mobile use . With the development of the Master Stroke we have set new standards: These electronics display unprecedented qualities of sonic beauty, power and solidity. No compromise! Every design detail corresponds to the thorough review of complex projects, refined to perfection. Master Stroke revolutionizes all knowledge of high-fidelity cars, and the limits that were assumed to be immutable, later go beyond what was considered impossible until now ...

Core features of the STEG MASTERSTROKE series:

High-performance Class D amplifier
Very powerful preamplifier with integrated circuits (OPA2134, NE5532)
Very low noise FET input stage (Toshiba 2SK389 / 2SJ109)
Triple Darlington stage with SANKEN, SANYO and Hitachi output transistors
Stabilized PWM (up to 11V) with "inductive energy recovery".
Gold-plated copper PCB / transfer rails / RCA and power connectors
56 selectable frequencies (22-8500 Hz / AQXM2 modules)
Noise Reduction Circuitry G.R.I.P.S. - Enhanced Path System with GRoundFilter response
selectable between Butterworth and Tchebitchef
types12dB/oct. configurable X-Over filter with HP/LP/BP and full range

Linear adjustable 12dB paragrahic booster (40-120Hz)
P.R.H.E.S.S. - Primary regulated high efficiency supply systemProtection
against: short circuit, continuous current at the speaker, heat sink temperature and starting transistors
High efficiency heat sink with ventilation tunnel and 2 fans.
Fully adjustable high and low pass crossovers.
Bass boost
Remote power on or audio or DC offset detection
Gold-plated Panel Mount RCA Connectors
4-channel Class-D amplifier
Output 4 x 130 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
Power 4 x 200 watts RMS @ 2 ohms
Power 2 x 400W RMS @ 4 Ohm
HP/LP Filter 12 dB/Oct 50-200Hz
S/N Ratio: >100dB
Input sensitivity: 200mV-5V
Fuse: 70A internal
Dimensions 380 x 59 x 216 mm

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